Will I be safe?

Your safety comes first. 

Andy Weller

At the moment, because of COVID 19, I work oudoors, by phone or Zoom.

I work outdoors from Storrs Common, Ingleton Yorshire Dales close to Wild Ingleborough. This is a public area close to woods, fells and rivers. Although this is a public area there is plenty of space so we are unlikely to be disturbed. If someone wanders into view we will stop counselling. We will resume again once they are out of ear shot. The ground is rough and exposed so you will need good footwear, warm and waterproof clothing. On some occasions I may need to stop a session if I feel that weather or ground conditions are not suitable for us to continue.

Counselling by phone or on line enables you to have all the benefits of counselling from the comfort of your own home. Not having to travel has advantages, but you do need to make sure that you are able to speak freely. You will also need to plan for protected time when you won’t be disturbed or are trying to balance other responsibilities.

When it becomes safe to do so, we could work indoors. The room I use at the i centre in Ingleton is clean and well ventilated. There is plenty of space for social distancing.

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