Talking and Listening

Talking through issues with family and friends may help, but this is not always possible if they are the problem.

Outdoor counselling

As a qualified counsellor I am aware of how difficult a step it can be to ask help from someone you don’t know very well. However from my experience of working with clients I am aware of the potential benefits that can come from being able to unburden your anxieties, worries and fears in a safe space where you are not going to be judged. This may give you an opportunity to talk through choices which could improve your life.

Where we work is important to me. We can either work in the Undercroft, a comfortable space recently renovated at Brigflatts Friends Meeting near Sedbergh, Cumbria; walk and sit in the wooded Paddock nearby or walk across the fields to the River Rawthey.

To make your life easier I have tried to highlight some of the more common questions you may want to ask. Alternatively you may wish to meet with me and bring your own questions. I don’t charge for the initial meeting and you can ask as many questions as you like.

Follow the link to each question to get more information.

Who should I trust?

Is what we talk about confidential?

Will I be safe?

What could we talk about?

What will we do together?

Where will we meet?

What if I live a long way away?

How much will sessions cost?

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