What will we do together?

How we work depends on your needs.

Through activity

The process of walking and moving may enable you to release stuck emotions which you have found hard to express, leaving you feeling more refreshed. This may happen without words needing to be spoken.


We will find quiet places to sit, share and listen. This may involve walking in a nearby field and forest glade or across fields to a river close by

Through stillness.

When you have time to become still you may become more aware of how you are feeling. Emotions you have kept suppressed may begin to well up. Allowing these powerful emotions and feelings to come out into the open with someone who is prepared to be with you can be a deeply healing process.

Being fully present.

Sometimes a chance encounter with a bird or animal may trigger something for you. The weather or the state of the landscape may mirror what is going on in your life. We may use art or writing materials to explore this in more depth.

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