Is what we talk about Confidential?

Normally what we discuss is confidential, however there are ethical and legal limits to this. 

Talking in forest

In counselling all sessions will be held in strict confidence except in the following situations.

  • If I believe that children or other people are at risk.
  • If I believe that you are likely to attempt to commit a crime.
  • If I believe that you are at significant risk of harming yourself or harming others.

Where possible I would hope to have your consent to break confidence in these situations.

When we are together outdoors we will be in public spaces. I will attempt to choose places which are quiet. However there may be times when we will need to stop our counselling work together to ensure confidentiality, for example when a member of the public wanders into our space. We will then resume talking when the member of the public is out of ear shot.